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Definisi kata "bottom":
+10 rate 1. base, foot; buttocks; seat of a chair
+6 rate 2. lower, under
+2 rate 3. The deepest or lowest part, as the bottom of a well.
+1 rate 4. establish; construct; base, provide a foundation
rate 5. out (phrasal verb) to have reached the lowest point in a continuously changing situation and to be about to improve The government claims that the recession is bottoming out.
rate 6. Refers to the base support level for market prices of any type. Also used in the context of securities to refer to the lowest market price of a security during a specific timeframe.
rate 7. The solid surface under a body of water.
rate 8. Often Bottoms: Low-lying alluvial land adjacent to a river, also referred to as bottomland.
rate 9. Nautical The part of a ship's hull below the water line.
rate 10. passive partner who experiences stimuli during sex games, masochist, slave, submissive
rate 11. Another term for low frequencies, usually below 125 Hz.
rate 12. passive partner in homosexual anal sex
rate 13. exclamation of mild disappointment, annoyance, etc.
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